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An Open Day and Sausage sizzle, at the old Carmel School was held on Sunday, October 15th. Organised by the Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society with President Jenny Lewis giving a very interesting talk on the history of the school which closed after a long fight in 1990. Jenny extending her talk to cover the old Methodist Church which was next to the school and also a brief history of the Carmel Post Offices of which her family was involved.

Seven former students attended the afternoon plus Special Guest, Mr. Charles Lithgow, who was Headmaster 55 years ago in 1962. Many memories were exchanged and stories told. Names like Annetts, Owen, Bear, Ghilchrist, Andersons, Halleen, Wallis, Ashcroft, Baker, Barrett, Champion, Fawkes, Herbert, Jackson, Littlely, Loaring, Mason, Mitchell, Roads kept the conversations going.








Jenny's talk and powerpoint presentation was extremely interesting particularly as she regularly pointed out exactly where the various families lived, the sites of the old Post Offices, the distance and means of getting to school, and a few stories about the Methodist Church which was started by the Owen family. 

The talk was highlighted with many stories:-

About how the break into the Methodist Church after hours, and have a bash on the old pump organ (Jenny did you really do that?)

Ric Owen and Geoff Barrett hated school so they conceived a scheme to solve their problem once and for all. They went up to the surrounding bush, collected a white ant's nest and placed it under the school - hoping the ants would eat the school down!

And then in 1972 the amazing fact that for the first time ever that no Anzac Day Service was held, as it was felt that the service had no real meaning for the children. Can you believe that!




Many memories were brought back as former Headmaster Charles Lithgow wandered around the school and grounds.
Although he only taught at Carmel School for the one year in 1962, he remembered helping the boys build the school fence and completing the
construction of a new steel flag pole. A great day was had by all and many thanks must go to the many organisers and helpers.


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