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Research by Gordon Freegard

Details of 228 Weddings



ALCOCK - CATTACH    November 14th 1901  

William Alcock of Canning Mills, married Annie E. Cattach on 14th November





 In 1939, Regina (Rina) Codognotto, Italy, married by proxy, Antonio (Tony) Altinier, of Pickering Brook.


ALTINIER - FANTUZ     1964     

Luigi Altinier married Angela Fantuz in 1964.



ANDERSON - BROWN    1913   

Emily, the daughter of Clara and John Brown of Barton's Mill, Pickering Brook married George Anderson, of Barton's Mill Pickering Brook. The bride was attended by her two younger sister, Susie Brown as Bridesmaid and Mary as flowergirl.





James A. Anderson married Blanche Buckingham in 1906.


ANDERSON - BUCKINGHAM   September 19th 1922

On September 19th, at Gosnells R. C. Church, by Rev. Father Finnighan, David Amos (Sony), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Anderson, Pickering Brook, late of Midland Junction, to Alma Ruby, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late William Buckingham, Kelmscott.



ANDERSON - CULLOTON    April 12th 1941   

One of the highlights of the wedding of Miss Rita May Culloton, of East Guildford, to Mr. George Arthur "Archie" Anderson, of Karragullen, was the bride's beautiful Limerick lace veil, embroidered with Easter Lilies, the work of Sisters at the Home of the Good Shepherd. It was a gift from the bride's godmother. The veil enhanced her frock of marquisette and lace, cut on old-worlde lines. She carried a bouquet of tuberoses and gladioli.

The bride was given away by Mr. F. W. King, and Miss Irene Abbot was soloist, at St. Mary's, East Guildford, on Saturday 12th April, with Dr. Kiernan officiating.

Mrs. A. Brimson was matron of honor and Misses Mavis Johnston and Audrey King bridesmaids. They chose lavender embossed georgette, with cream Leghorn hats with touches of black. They carried carnations and delphiniums. Messrs Maurice King, John Canning and Philip Kidd attending the bridegroom.

Mrs. G. Anderson (mother of the groom) received guests at the Guildford Town Hall, and wore a smart frock of navy French crepe. The bride's travelling ensemble was a dusty pink with black accessories.



ANDERSON - SUMMERS   October 21st  1895

On 21st October 1895, at St. Mary's R.C. Church, Guildford, by the Rev. Father Kelly (later the Bishop of Geraldton), David, second son of David and Ann Anderson, of Chittering Brook, to Catherine, youngest daughter of William Henry and Catherine Summers, of Chittering Brook. Living in Pickering Brook 1920.

ANNETTS - CHAMPION  1936          

Walter M. Annetts married Margarert E. Champion in 1936




Ross Walter Annetts married Glenis Kay Drake-Brockman in 1961.


ANNETTS - McNAMARA     1957     

Herbert Edward Annetts married Eva May McNamara in 1957.


ANNICE - WESTON     December 11th 1922

On December 11th at the Sacred Heart Church, Highgate, Perth, by the Rev. Father Crowley, John Lomas, second son of the late Mr. John Annice and Mrs Annice, Hayfield, Broomehill, to Lillian Mary, third daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Weston, of Springdale, Pickering Brook.



ARASI - SCOLARO     1956   

Pietro Arasi married Michela Maria Scolaro in 1956.


BACKMAN - HANBURY     February 6th 1943

On 6th February, Kathleen Francis, daughter of Clement and Olivia Hanbury, of 
Karragullen, married Lient. Russell Ernest Backman, in Claremont, Western Australia



Clifford Nelson Batterham married Margaret Claire Fawkes in 1959.



BEAR - DONEY    January 17th 1948    

The marriage of Mavis Augusta, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Doney of 877 Beaufort Street, Inglewood, to Edward John Bear, third son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bear, of Carmel, took place at the Church of Christ, Sixth Avenue, Inglewood  on Saturday the 17th January at 5.30 p.m. Reception was held at Riley's Hall at 7 p.m.



BEAR - HOARE   September 29th 1919   

At Christ Church, Claremont, on the 29th September, Mr. Arthur Bear (51st Battalion) married Elsie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoare, of Osborne. The wedding was solemnised by Canon M'Clemmens. The bride, who was given away by her father, was dressed in white crepe de chine and crepe georgette and her short veil hung in points. She carried  a bouquet of white roses and carnations. Miss Lily Crisp, the bridesmaid, wore a dress of pale pink crepe georgette trimmed with pale mauve and pale pink hand-made ninon rosebuds, and a black tulle hat, and carried a bouquet of pale pink roses and carnations. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a cameo brooch set in gold, to the bridesmaid a gold bangle, and to the best man, Mr. Perce Heedes (112th Howitzer Battery) a gold-mounted cigarette holder. After the service a reception was held at the Parish Hall, Claremont. Later the happy couple left for their home in Carmel.



Francis Bear married Clara Whittingham in 1947


BEAR - WILLIAMS   November 22nd 1947    

At St. Andrews Church on Saturday 22nd November, Patricia Bety (Pat) Williams, eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. Williams, of Safety Bay (formerly of Recreation Road,
Kalamunda) said "I will" to Reginald Bear, second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Bear of Carmel. The wedding breakfast was held at the Green Gate, and many relatives and friends wished the young couple all the best for the years ahead. The honeymoon is being spent at Bunbury and they will make their future home at Carmel.





Malcolm Hewison Beard, son of Alice and Bert Beard of Pickering Brook, married Pamela May Gibbs, daughter of Mrs. Olive Gibbs.





BEARD - HEWISON     October 4th 1930

Albert (Bert) John, son of George & Martha Beard, New Zealand, married Alice, daughter of William and Helen Hewison, of Pickering Brook on 4th October.





BEAU-LEENEY - WESTON  April 2nd 1935

On April 2nd, at Beris?, by the Rev. Quirk, Howard, eldest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. Beau-Leeney, of South Africa, to Marjorie, third daughter or Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weston, of Cottesloe and Pickering Brook.



Eric Bettenay maried Elizabeth T. Jeffery in 1953.



BETTENAY - GIBBINGS   c. June 1923   

The Marriage of Mr. Wilfred E. Bettenay to Miss Sidney M. Gibbings, daughter of Mrs. Stred? and the late Mr. Gibbings, of Coolup, was solomised in the Karragullen Hall recently. The bride entered the hall with her brother, Mr. A. Gibbings, to the strains of a bridal hymn. Her dress was of white crepe-de-chine, trimmed with pearls and orange blossom, and she wore the usual wreath and veil. Miss Bettenay was bridesmaid in fawn, beaded with silver, and a hat to match. The bouquets carried by the bride and bridesmaid were made by an old friend of the bridegroom, Mrs. Jobson. Mr. A. Bettenay was best man. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Cotterall, of Perth. Miss Hewison sang "Because" to Mrs. Pine's accompaniment during the signing of the register. Their wedding breakfast and celebrations were also held at the Karragullen Hall



BETTENAY - HARDY   1946   

Keith A. Bettenay married Annie M. Hardy in 1946.


BETTENAY - PARKER    1920     

Arthur L. Bettenay married Madel R. Parker in 1920


BETTENAY - WHITE    1953  

Phillip J. Bettenay married Myrna White in 1953.


BIRD - EARNSHAW     February 14th 1871

On 14th February, Rev, Henry Brown, performed the marriage ceremony, at the Church of England, Busselton, of Francis, partner of the enterprising firm of Mason, Bird & Co., the third son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bird, of Pinner Hall, Middlesex, England to Augusta Maud, the third daughter of Mr. David Fothergill Earnshaw, one of the earliest pioneers of the Blackwood district, from Busselton. The Commercial Hotel and the Working Men's Association were gaily decorated with flags for the occasion. The breakfast was graced by the presence of the local M.L.C. and his lady, and the young couple will have the good wishes of many of their neighbours for their future happiness and prosperity.



BROWN - GIBBS   August 26th 1933

Barton's Mill was the scene of a picturesque wedding, when Alma, eldest daughter of Mrs. Gibbs and the late George Gibbs, of Barton's Mill, was married to Frank Brown, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, of Barton's Mill. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Morrell, of Kalamunda. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr. George Gibbs, was charmingly gowned in a dress of white satin and angelskin lace, made with a close-fitting bodice, and flared draperies that reached to her ankle. She wore a beautiful wedding veil, which was held in place by a coronet of orange blossom, and fell in graceful folds to form a train, and carried a bouquet of arum lilies, mixed with maidenhair fern. The bridesmaids, Miss Elsie Brown and Miss Jean Gibbs, were attired in graceful frocks of pink georgette, with hats on suite, and carried sheaves of arum lilies and maidenhair fern. The duties of best man were ably carried out by Mr. Herbert Jacques, of Perth. After the ceremony, Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Brown received about 50 guests at a reception held in the school, the former wearing a smart frock of orchid georgette, and the latter a beautiful blue morrocain frock artistically embroidered. The wedding cake, which was a gift from Mrs. Quirk, was beautifully decorated, and much admired by all present. The usual toasts were honored, and dancing was enjoyed until a late hour. The happy couple left by car, having received many beautiful presents.




Frederick J. Buckingham married Emma Barnard in 1914.



John Buckingham married Hannah Groom in 1913



Douglas W. Buckingham married Eileen M. Mathews in 1929.



Lawrence W. Buckingham married May Stinton in 1924.



Ronald W. Buckingham married Vera Treeby in 1936.



Walter H. Buckley married Edna M. Bettenay in 1952


CAMP - HOLROYD    October 3rd 1917

Ernest Camp married Annie Holroyd, of Pickering Brook, on  the 3rd October. The wedding group consisted of; L -R Mrs. Holroyd, George Holroyd, Mr. Holroyd, Ern (aka Fred) Holroyd, Queenie King, Emily Lowth, Annie and Ernie Camp, and Marion Holroyd.



CAMPBELL - GIBBS     1957  

William Robert Campbell married Nina Jean Gibbs, daughter of Mrs. Olive Gibbs.


CARTER - FAWKES   1964  

Kenneth Nelson Carter married Edith Maude Fawkes in 1964.





CASOTTI - BAISI    1950     

Giustino C. Casotti married Eufemia Baisi in 1950





CASOTTI - TONUSSO   1964     

Nello Ronly Casotti married Estia Tonusso in 1964





CATCHPOLE -                   December 1916    


Harry Catchpole married his wife Sally in December 1916. Harry wore the Australian Army Uniform of the 1914 - 1918 War.





CHALMERS - JAMES   April 20th 1932    

A wedding of interest was solomised at St. Brigid's Church, West Perth, on Wednesday, April 20th, between Edna, second daughter of Mrs. M. James, of Llewellyn, Walliston, and the late Mr. M. James, of Burtville, and Peter Berry Chalmers, of Bunbury, third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. Chalmers, of Aberdeen, Scotland. The Rev. Monsignor Fagan (who also married the bride's parents) officiating. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her uncle, Mr. John Henry O'Meagher (Snr) of Karragullen, was handsomely attired in a frock of ivory satin cut on classic lines, full length, with tight fitting sleeves and a pale pink georgette train, finished with lace, falling from the shoulders. Her beautiful veil of hand-made point lace (kindly lent by her aunt, Mrs E. Jordan) was held in place by a coronet of orange blossom. She carried a lovely shower bouquet of white roses, carnations and fern with streamers of white ribbon which completed a beautiful bridal toilet. The two bridesmaids, Misses Ida and Katharine James (sisters of the bride) were frocked alike in white morocain, made the new diamond shaped yokes, and cut on long flowing lines with little white coatees trimmed with ruckings and wore white picture hats. Each carried a bouquet of white and pale pink roses, carnations and fern with white ribbon streamers, and wore crystal necklets, gifts from the bridegroom. Mr. George Sullivan carried out the duties of best man, and the groomsman was Mr. Lance Taylor. The reception was held in Keough's Hall, where the guests were received by the bride's mother, who was smartly attired in fawn crepe de chine, trimmed with darker shade of georgette and embroidered in brown and gold, and hat en suite. She carried pale pink roses and fern. Mr. George Taylor, late member for Mount Margaret, an old friend of the bride's parents, acted as chairman, and the usual toasts were honored, after which many telegrams of congratulation were read. The evening was spent in dancing and songs. The bride and bridegroom left for their honeymoon by car, the bride travelling in a smart, dark red ensemble and small hat to match. The happy couple, who were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents, will take up their residence in Bunbury.



CHAPMAN – ROADS     September 12th 1953

On September 12th 1953, in Victoria Park, Alan James Chapman married Florence (Florrie), daughter of Tommy and the late Mrs. Mabel Roads of Pickering Brook




Harry B. Collins married Hannah Buckingham in 1910.


CONWAY - VIVIAN    October 13th 1945    

On the 13th October at Perth College Chapel, Mount Lawley, Raymond A. E. (ex-Capt. 2/28th En, A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs E. Conway, of Carmel, to Joan Lavina, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A Vivian, of Collie. Rev. T. B. MacDonald officiating.



CURTIS - GIBBS    9th June 1951  

On Saturday, June 9th, a very pretty wedding was solemnised at St. Peter's Church, Victoria Park, the bride being Miss Fay Gibbs of Karragullen, to Mr. John (Blue) Curtis, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A Curtis of Smailes' Mill.

The bride, who was given away by her mother, Mrs. Olive Gibbs, looked very charming in her satin and marquisette gown with full skirt and buttoned down the back.

Her long veil of fine tulle was held with a cornet of fresh flowers and she carried a bouquet of white roses and carnations.

She was attended by her 3 sisters, Myrtle, Pamela and Nina who were charmingly frocked in pale green, lavender and lemon lace and tulle, with matching veils held in place with fresh flowers worn on the side and they carried sheaf's of roses and carnations to match their frocks. The little flower girl, Judith Curtis, was daintily dressed in pale blue and she carried a basket of carnations. The groom was attended by Mr. Les O'Meagher and his brothers Ray and Ron Curtis were groomsmen.

After the ceremony a reception was held at the Kelmscott Hall, where Mrs. Gibbs received her guests, wearing a frock of pale blue crepe with black accessories. She was assisted by Mrs. Curtis who was frocked in green crepe with tan accessories and all present sat down to beautifully set tables which were a credit to the helpers.

The usual toasts were honored during the breakfast and a host of telegrams of congratulations were read out by the chairman, Mr. Jack O'Meagher.

Later the bride and groom opened the dancing with the Bridal Waltz and all joined in the fun and games that followed to spend a very happy evening.

Fay changed into her traveling frock of royal blue and white, with which she had black accessories and the happy couple left for their honeymoon taking with them the best wishes of all present.






DAMIANO - FURFARO     1958   

Audino Damiano married Maria Annunzista Furfaro in 1959.






DAVEY - ROADS   July 6th 1944  

The marriage of Mavis Emily, third eldest daughter of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook, and Walter Edward Heyden Davey, took place at St. Alban's Church, Highgate on 6th July at 3p.m.



Guiseppe Peter Della Franca married Maria Domenica Natta in 1965.




In November 1958, at "The Lady of all Grace" Church, Merrivale Road, Pickering Brook, Charlie, eldest child of Jack and Natalina Della Franca, married Joan, daughter of Pietro (Peter) and Savina Sala Tenna of Pickering Brook. They were attended by Charlie's two sisters, Ines and Irene as bridesmaids and Joan's two brothers, Ralph and Vincent, as groomsmen.



DI MARCO – GIORGI    June 5th 1955

On June 5th, at St. Bridges Church, West Perth, Silio, son of Dante and Palmira Di Marco, of Karragullen, married Celestina, eldest daughter of Florindo and Agnesi Giorgi, of West Perth.





DINES - LANTZKE  1968    

Walter George Dines married Annette Elizabeth Lantzke im 1968.


DODDEMEADE - GUPPY  May 8th 1915  

A quiet wedding was celebrated at St. Matthew's Church, Guildford, on the 8th May, the contracting parties being Mr. Chas. S. Doddemeade, of Perth, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Doddemeade, of Cambridge, England, and Miss Eva W. Guppy, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Guppy, of "Rohais", Guildford. The service was fully choral, the Rev. Ernest Foster M. A., performing the marriage ceremony.

The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in a frock of ivory crepe-de-chine, the bodice being relieved with pale pink ninon and orange blossom (the latter being that worn by the brides mother at her wedding), with an ivory panne velvet hat, trimmed with ostrich ruching and silver poppy. A bouquet of white roses, azaleas, and heather was carried, and she wore a beautiful diamond ring, the gift of the bridegroom, together with a pendant of diamonds lent by a friend.

The bride's mother was gowned in black and white check silk, trimmed with black silk, her hat being of panne velvet, relieved with white wings, and she carried a bouquet of red carnations, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaid, Miss May Duyer, looker very well in a pale blue crepe-de-chine pinafore dress, with pale ninon bodice, and black velvet hat with silver trimmings, a bouquet of pink roses and carnations completing her toilette. She also wore a cameo bangle, the gift of the groom. Mr. Gordon MacLoshy acted as best man.

The church was filled with well-wishers, and the happy couple on emerging were met with a heavy shower of confetti,which continued until their motor had got out of firing distance. The bridal party afterwards adjourned to the residence of the bride's parents, where a dainty wedding tea was served, the wedding cake being the work of the bride's mother and the ornaments the same as were used at the wedding of the parents. The usual toasts were honoured, and Mr. and Mrs. Doddemeade afterwards left for their honeymoon, the bride travelling in a cinnamon and blue check Russian costume with black velvet military hat.

Numerous presents were received, amongst which were noticed a fine marble clock and a case of fish forks, and servers, the gift of the Perth staff of Messrs Penfold and Co. The bride's presents to the bridegroom were a gold pendant and a travelling rug.


EARP - WALLIS    1936   

Neil F. Earp married Grace F. Wallis in 1936.


on her wedding to Charles Doddemeade 1915

EATON - NIVEN    November 6th 1954

The wedding took place on Saturday, November 6th, at St. Mary's Cathedral, Perth, of Miss Bonita Anne Niven, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Niven of Pickering Brook, to Mr. Brian Eaton,the sixth son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Michael Eaton, of Carmel. The bride looked charming in her full length dress of white lace and tulle. She wore a circular veil of tulle and carried a bouquet of white roses. She was attended by Miss Pam Annetts, of Carmel, and Mrs. Campbell. Their dresses were full length pink tulle with silver thread embroidery with short tulle veils to match and bouquets of pink roses and the pretty flower girl, Miss Helen Godbold, the bride's cousin, wore a full length dress of white tulle over a mauve slip. The groom was attended by his brother Terry and Mr. Derek Godbold. The wedding breakfast was held at the bride's home and attended by the family and relations. Mrs Godbold and Mrs Eaton received the guests. Mrs. Godbold's dress was of maize coloured cyclet embroidered cotton with black hat and accessories. The lovely three tier wedding cake was made by their groom. Brian is Sergeant Cook at Swanbourne and has seen service overseas and is a really good cook and the cake was perfect. The groom's brother, Clem, took a movie film of the ceremony and reception. In the evening the reception was held in the Carilla Hall where over 400 guest spent a very happy time. Mr. and Mrs. Beard played for the dancing and the ladies of the district helped the bride's mother with the supper, after which the young couple left for their honeymoon with the good wishes of all their friend and relatives for their future life together. The young couple will make their home at Trigg's Island.




ELLERY - SMAILES    May 3rd 1941

On the 3rd May, William (Bill) Garfield Ellery married Alice (Venie) Lavinia Smailes at Wahroonga Orchard, Karragullen, Methodist Minister W. R. Lang officiated.

Venie was the eldest daughter of James Vincent and Maude Eliza Smails of Karragullen, and Bill was the second son of William Musgrave and Daisie Winifred Ellery of Claremont. M/s Dulcie Eliane Ellery was Bridesmaid and Mr. Kendrew Vincent Smails was Best Man.








ERINI - VINCENTI       1950  

Frances Vincenti travelled to Tuscany last year to visit her Grandparents and met and married Erino Erini there. They will live in Pickering Brook





EYRE - WEYMAN       1940     

Robert R. Eyre married Alice M. B. Weyman in 1940.





FERNIE – HERLE   July 24th 1937

On 24th July 1937, the Rev, Jenkins, married Les Fernie and Freda Herle, daughter of Florence and Henry Herle of Victoria Park, Freda in the Wesley Church.

The reception was held in the Masonic Hall, Victoria Park where about  eighty guests sat down to the breakfast. The bride's Mother made a three tier cake, that was iced by a family friend. A dressmaker made all the frocks, the bride's was white lace over a satin slip, the two Bridesmaids were in mauve lace and a three year old flowergirl in pale green.




FERNIE – LOWER   January 21st 1939

On January 21st Alan Edward Fernie married Bernice Victor Lower.



FIRMSTONE - BARGH  April 2nd 1937

On April 2nd, at St. Barnabas' Church, Kalamunda, by the Rev. Thomas Hurst, Frederick Firmstone, Lieutenent- Commander, R.N.R., Rtd., of Pickering Brook, to Emily Bargh, A.T.N.A., of Kingsley, Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra.


FORD - GARLAND     1930     

Graham Ford married Gwendolin G. Garland in 1930


FORREST - LOARING       1955  

Bert Forrest married Gretchen Loaring in 1955.


GARLAND - NESTOR    February 19th 1948  

On February 19th at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Perth. Eleanor, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Nestor, 13 Tyler Street, Joondanna Heights, to Ted, only son of Mrs. Ford and the late Mr. E. Garland, of Carmel.










GAVA - ROADS     September 12th 1959

On 12th September, Laurel, the youngest daughter of Tommy and the late Mabel 
Roads, of Pickering Brook, married Bruno Gava.









GAVA - VINCENTI       December 21st 1958      

Angelo Gava married Mary June Vincenti in 1958.







GIBBS - BURTON       July 15th 1891  

On Wednesday morning, the 15th July, Miss Annie Burton, second daughter of Mr. W. H. Burton, of Woodles Park, was married to Mr. Arthur Lacey Gibbs, only son of Mr. Edward Gibbs, of the Canning. The ceremony was performed at Cannington Hall, the Rev. E. Tremayne Dunstan officiating. Miss Lilly and Miss Daisy Burton were the bridesmaids, the father gave the bride away, and Mr. Holmes acted as best man. The ceremony was over at 11o'clock, after which the wedding party (which numbered between 30 and 40), drove to Woodloes Park to breakfast, which was of a very sumptuous character. The usual toasts having been proposed and responded to, the happy pair drove off to Perth, en route to York, to spend the honeymoon, amidst showers of rice. A most enjoyable evening followed at Woodloes, both in concert and dance.



Leonard W. S. Gilchrist married Joan P. Howard in 1938.




GIUMELLI - SALA TENNA    June 28th 1941

On the 28th June, Achille (Alex) Giumelli, of Pickering Brook, married Rose M., eldest daughter of Pietro (Peter) and Savina Sala Tenna, of Pickering Brook. They celebrated with a family dinner at the home of Peter and Savina Sala Tenna followed by a dance in Dom Marchetti's shed in Repatriation Road, Pickering Brook.




Pietro Ghilarducci married Flora Lendic in 1959.


GHILARDUCCI - SCARI    1952     

Louis Ghilarducci married Roma D Scari in 1952.



Peter Ghilarducci married Millie Travicich in 1941.


GODBOLD - BOSCI    1959   

Garry Henry Godbold married Nora Angelina Bosci in 1959


GODBOLD - SAUNDERS     1962   

David Eric Godbold Married Patricia Elizabeth Saunders in 1962


GORDON - BAISI    1961    

Colin Douglas Gordon married Renata Grazia Baisi in 1961


GORMOND - OWEN    31st July 1920

The Rev. Tom Allen tied the matrimonial knot on Saturday 31st July at the Carmel Methodist Church. Miss Gwen Owen, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Owen of Turners Siding, was married to Mr. R. Gormond of Fremantle. The bride was presented with a Bible as it was the  first wedding in the Carmel Methodist Church.

GRANLAND - BROOKE     September 14th 1940

On Saturday the 14th September , at St. Alban's Church, Highgate, by the Rev. Kerr, William John, second son of Mrs. and the late Mr. J. Granland, of Cottesloe, to Lilian Cassie, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Brooke, of Pickering Brook.



GRAY - HEWISON  24th December 1924

The social event of the season at Karragullen was the marriage of Doris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hewison, of Pickering Brook, to Mr. Roy Gray, of Karragullen, on Christmas Eve. The marriage was solemnised by the Rev. Tom Allan, at the pretty little Carmel Church, which had been decorated by girl-friends of the bride.

Mr. Owen presided at the organ, and as the bride entered the church on her father's arm. The congregation sang. “The Voice that breathed o'er –Eden”. The bride's dress was ivory white silk georgette with the skirt made in embroidered panels, finished with lace and forming a scalloped edge. The bodice was finely pleated and trimmed with beautiful lace and embroidered motifs to match the skirt. An exquisitely worked tulle veil and wreath of orange blossoms and a shower bouquet of white roses and maidenhair fern, with white and silver baby ribbon streamers completed a charming toilette. Two sisters of the bride were in attendance.  Miss Flora Hewison wore palest pink silk georgette; made with finely pleated panels falling from the shoulders and trimmed with dainty rosebud trimmings, and Miss Alice Hewison heliotrope silk georgette made in a very pretty design with heliotrope and silver rose bud trimming and caught at the low waist with handsome paste buckle. Both carried lovely bouquets of pink heliotrope flowers and maidenhair fern and baby ribbon streamers to match.

Mr. J. Gray, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. The bridegroom’s presents to the bridesmaids were quaint gold signet rings.  The reception was held at Mr. H. Weston’s, where a huge bough shed had been built for the purpose, the roof of which was hung with pink heliotrope and white flowers and streamers, and a white wedding bell, against the background of cool eucalypti.  The effect was novel and pretty. Mrs. Hewison received her guests (about 200) in a smart dress of silk voile of palest grey, embroidered in crushed strawberry and trimmed with touches of the same shade of silk and a lovely black hat; Mrs. G. Weston, sister of the bride, wore a salmon pink crepe de chine made with pin tucks and fine pleatings on sleeves, hat en suite; Mrs. R. Hewison wore white voile trimmed with lace and a smart black hat.  

Both the bride and bridegroom are popular in the district, and recently, when a kitchen and linen tea was tendered to the bride, the gathering was admitted to be the largest ever held in the district.  After the scrumptious breakfast and usual toasts had been honored the guests adjourned to the hall for dancing and music.






Richard M. Griffiths married Rowena F. Littlely in 1926


GROSVENOR - LUGG    May 6th 1933    

On the 6th May, at Leederville Congregational Church, Neil R., second son of Mrs. Grosvenor, of East Fremantle, to Catherine C., elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Lugg, Half-way House, North Bannister, formerly school teacher at Pickering Brook.



GUPPY - SAINSBURY  19th Sept 1888

William Francis Guppy (later owner of Guppy's Mill) married Edith Ann Sainsbury on the 19th September.




HALL - SMITH    July 6th 1918     

On the 6th July, at Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle-on-tyne, England, by Canon Oakley, John Fenwick Hall to Florence Smith(Address in 1943 Barton's Mill)


HALLEEN - WALLIS     28th October 1925   

The Wesley Church Hall at Carmel was the scene of a pretty wedding on October the 28th, when the marriage of Emily Florance, youngest daughter of Mrs. Emma Wallis, of "Woodlands", Waliston, and the late John Wallis, to Alfred Reginald, second son of Mrs. E. Halleen and the late George Halleen, was solemnised by the Rev. Tom Allan. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr. Levi Wallis, to the strains of "The voice That Breathed O'er Eden", looked charming in ivory silk crepe de chine trimmed with silk lace, with a veil (kindly lent by Mrs. Theo Wallis) arranged with a wreath of orange blossom. A fragrant bouquet of white lilac carnations and fern with ribbon streamers and lucky horseshoe, completed a dainty toilette. The bride was attended by her two nieces, Misses Thelma Palmateer and Miss Edna Wallis. The former wore mauve crepe de chine tunic style, and a bandeau of silver leaves encircled the head. Her bouquet was of mauve lilac and fern, and she wore a gold and ivory brooch (the gift of the bridegroom). Miss Edna wore pale green crepe de chine trimmed with cream lace, and a bandeau of gold leaves, and carried a bouquet of banksias roses and fern. Her present from the bridegroom was a gold armlet. The bridegroom was supported by Mr. Gordon Allan. After the ceremony about 80 guests assembled at "Woodlands", where a wedding breakfast was partaken of, the tables being decorated with Geraldton Wax plant and shaded sweet peas. The guests were received by Mrs. Wallis, who was becomingly gowned in black silk figured morocain. She was ably assisted by Mrs. G. H. Palmateer (sister of the bride). The Rev. Tom Allan presided, and in a happy speech proposed a toast of the newly-married couple, the customary toasts following. Many congratulatory telegrams were read, and many handsome and costly presents were received by the happy couple. Amidst showers of confetti Mr. and Mrs. Halleen left at a late hour by motor for their honeymoon. The bride's traveling costume was of navy blue silk morocain relieved with cinnamon, and dainty cinnamon hat to match.




HANBURY - ARMSTRONG    7th November 1906

On November 7th, Clement Augustus Hanbury married Olivia Jean Armstrong. Reception was held at the Armstrong home, situated between the railway line and Orchard Avenue, Armadale.





HANBURY – DAVIES   September 23rd 1940

On September 23rd, John Hanbury, of Karragullen, married Ena Davies from Toodyay. The were attended by Maitland and Charles Hanbury, Samuel and Helen Davies, with flowersgirls, Glenys and Lorraine Davies.





HANBURY - POSSELT    November 18th 1948

On 18th November, Myrtle Posselt married Oliver, son of Clement and Olivia Hanbury, of Karragullen.





HANBURY -  STEWART    June 10th 1962

On 10th June  Ernest Vincent Hanbury, son of Clement and Olivia Hanbury, of Karragullen, married Josephine Stewart from Belfast, Ireland, at the Bickley Seven Day Adventist Church





HANBURY - THOMSON      October 1st 1972

On 1st October Orion Jessie Thomson married  Maitland Clement, son of Clement and Olivia Hanbury, 
of Karragullen, in Coorabong, New South Wales





HANSEN - FERNIE      1923     

Harold P. Hansen married Agnes N. Fernie in 1923.




HAWKINS - PHILLIPS    June 8th 1916

On 6th June at the Presbyterian Church, Subiaco, by the Rev. John Enright, Henry James Hawkins to Edith Phillips.



HETHERINGTON - FRANCISCO    September 1873    

A grand wedding was held in Fremantle. The daughter of respected townsman, Mr. A. Franciso the postmaster, was wed to Mr. H. Hetherington, late of the firm Mason, Bird & Co. The wedding party adjourned to Rockingham.





HERNAN - WOODS     October 1933   

On the 7th October, at St. Mary's, Leederville, by Rev. Father Russell, Leo, son of the late Hugh J. Hernan and Mrs. Weir, of North Perth, to Dulcie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woods, of Barton's Mill.





HEWISON - LOGAN    March 12th 1913

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Wednesday, March 12th, when Doris, eldest daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. Logan, of Perth (late of Albert Street, West Northam), was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Robert Hewison, of Pickering Brook. The Rev. W. F. Turton was the officiating clergyman. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in her bridal gown of heavy cream silk, the bodice being draped with beautiful silk insertions over the shoulders, finished with kiltings of fine Valenciennes lace and ninon. The yoke of tucked ninon was finished at the waist with deep points of satin edged with pearls. The skirt was made tunic effect, finished with silk fringe, which fell on a panel of silk allover lace studded with pearls. The long square train was trimmed with revers of lace and rosettes. The usual wreath and veil was worn. A handsome bouquet, the gift from the bridegroom, completed a very charming toilet. The bridesmaids were Misses Rita Logan (sister of the bride) and Annie Hewison (sister of the bridegroom). The former wore a cream silk dress trimmed with tiny kiltings and numerous buttons, Hat of white silk straw trimmed with hawthorn. The latter wore a cream silk, trimmed with allover lace, embroidered with pearls, hat of white silk and wreath of blue daisies. They each carried bouquets of Easter lilies, and wore gold-initialled band rings. The tiny train-bearers were Edna Logan, who wore a dainty frock of cream silk, and Doris Hewison, who was also attired in a pretty cream silk. They each carried crooks decorated with pink roses and fern, and wore lucky bell pins given by the bridegroom. Mr. Albert Sutcliffe carried out the duties of best man. After the ceremony, which was witnessed by a large congregation, the guests proceeded to the residence of the bride's parents, where the wedding breakfast was partaken of, and the usual toasts honored. The newly married couple left by train for Albany, where the honeymoon was spent. The bride's travelling dress was a navy blue tailor-made costume, with cream silk and lace vest, and a large black hat trimmed with feathers. In the evening a large number of guests assembled, and a most enjoyable time was spent in dancing and harmony.
Numerous handsome and useful presents were received from the following:- Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins, Coalport china jardinière; Mr. and Mrs. Hendy, a set of jugs; Mr. and Mrs. Wanabrough, Biscuit barrel; Mr. and Mrs. Bullmore, drawn thread supper cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Ray, music canterbury; Mr. and Mrs. Brudanall, epergne; Mr. and Mrs. Easton, jardinière; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, fruit dishes; Mr. and Mrs. Bradford, silver Vases; Mr. and Mrs. Joyce (Katanning), cheque; Mr. and Mrs. Marsden, framed picture; Mr. and Mrs. J. Beazley, set of jugs; Mr. and Mrs. Needham, jardinière; Mr. and Mrs. Haigh, water jug and glasses; J. Ewings jnr., cut glass pickle jar; Mr. and Mrs. Wolfenden, afternoon tea set; Mr. and Mrs. Hemingway, salt cellar and cake forks; Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (Perth), afternoon teaspoons; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, cut glass comport; Mr. and Mrs. Power, pair of vases; Mr. and Mrs. Ewings snr., water jug and glasses; Mr. and Mrs. Kirkman, silver bread fork; Mr. and Mrs. Easthope, wringer; Mr. Davis and Miss Martin, pickle stand; Miss Taylor, silver butter knife; Mrs. Seahorne (York), cutlery; Mr. Milner and Miss Hendy, silver jewel case; Mr. and Mrs. Hewison, silver flower stand; Mr. and Mrs. Black, jam dish; Misses Cutts, silver teaspoons; Mrs. Stubbs, fruit set; Misses dyer, fruit dishes; Mr. Jones and Miss Wolfenden, bread board and knife; Misses McGhie and Barge, afternoon tea set; Miss Starkey, fruit set; Miss Turner, handsome vase; Mr. O'Connor, morning tea set; Miss Grace, cake plates; Evan Wolfenden, sweet dishes; Mrs. McPhee, silver cake forks; Messrs Way, specimen glasses; Miss Ewings, crumb tray and brush; Mr. D. Murphy, set of jugs; Mr. A. Wolfenden, cheese dish; Mrs. and Mr. Rudd, epergne; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Rady, fruit dishes; Mr. L. Wolfenden, methylated spirit iron; Mr. and Mrs. W. Grave, wedding cake; Mr. Bloomberg. biscuit barrel; Misses and Mr. F. Wyatt, biscuit barrel; Mr. and Mrs. Carlyon, crumb tray and brush; Mr. and Mrs. Suttcliffe, cane jardinière stand; Mr. and Mrs. Brady, salt cellars; Mr. and Mrs. Collings, pair vases; Mr. Blight and Miss Jessup, silver serviette rings; Mr. Mrs. and Miss Way, silver breakfast cruet; Mr. and Mrs. Svanberg, silver egg cruet; Mr. and Mrs. Goldthorp, silver vase; Miss and Mr,. W. Allbeury, water jug and glasses; Messrs l. and O. Denny, butter dish; Mr. and Mrs. T. Clohessy, butter dish; Mr. and Mrs. Paley, honey jar; Mr. and Mrs. Wright and Miss Matthews, silver cake dish; Mr. and Mrs. Bensie, jam dish; Mr. Horsley and Miss Murphy, sweet dish; Mr. G. and Miss Smith, silver cut glass cruet; Mr. and Mrs. Campbell (Fremantle), pearl handle knife and part of trousseau; Misses Hill, pickle jar; Mr. and Mrs. W. Turner, fruit set; Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, bamboo jardinière stand; Mr. Lowery and Miss Beazley, serviette rings; Mr. and Mrs. Ford, drawn thread table runner; Mr. and Mrs. McCaughy (Southern Cross), trifle bowl and spoon; Mr. and Mrs. J. Clohessy, salad bowl; Mr. Gaunt and Miss Beazley, handsome pair vases; Mr. and Mrs. August, cut glass salad bowl; Miss Martin, glass vase; Mr. and Mrs. Hough, pair vases and picture; Mr. and Mrs. Power, pair vases; Miss Doris Hewison, silver shaving mug and brush; Miss Annie Hewison, pair paintings; Ethel and Mary, ornament; Edna, cut glass sauce bottle; Miss Seaborne, silver jam spoon; Miss Rita Logan, hand painted satin pillow shams;





HOOPER - BROWN     Saturday 28th September 1940

Colourful frocking was seen at the wedding at St. Peter's Church, Victoria Park, yesterday, when Elsie May, youngest daughter of Mrs. Brown, of Temple Street, Victoria Park, was married to Mr. Donald Herbert Hooper, eldest son of Mrs. Higgins, of Rushton Road, Victoria Park. Rev. W. Henn officiated, and the bride was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr. Goodchild. Mrs. Calder sang "Because" during the signing of the register.

Figured slipper satin was chosen for the wedding frock, which was tight-fitting at the waist, the full skirt forming a long train. A lace-trimmed  tulle veil was worn, and she carried a bouquet of lilliums, gladioli, orange blossom and snowdrops.

Miss Olive Gibbs (sister) and Misses Mavis Johnson and Jean Higgins, were her attendants. They were frocked in pink, blue and green taffeta, designed alike with tight-fitting bodices and full skirts trimmed with ruched taffeta. Tulle veils and toning flowers were worn. The first carried burgundy sweet peas and tulips, the second violets, sweet peas and iris, and the third pale pink sweet peas and carnations. Mr. G. A. Gibbs was best man and Mr. S. Hunter groomsman.

Flower-girls were Myrtle Gibbs and Pamela Gibbs, the former in blue, the latter in pink. They carried baskets of sweet peas.

The reception was at the Dispensary Hall, Albany Road, and during the breakfast the bride cut the cake, which was a present from her mother.





HOPKINS - MITCHELL      October 1947 

In October 1947 Ken Hopkins married Doreen Mitchell of Carmel.




HOUSTON - DICKSON  Saturday 22nd April 1944

Perth's most unique wedding equipage for years, caused quite a flutter among the quests and crowds of onlookers, and was one wonder whether it was really 1944, and just what was afoot. Reason for the horse-drawn vehicles, bearing a wedding party from the Cathedral was the fact that taxis booked for the event were off the road because of a strike.

Not to be outdone, and not to be dependent upon his friends meager rations of petrol, RAN sailor Herbert George Houston decided on blending old-world with the new, and hired two of "Pup" Wallman's sulkies to take the place of the taxis.

Result - something which astonished Perth, and proved the resourcefulness of the younger generation when in a spot. It was a brilliant idea on his part, and the beautiful sunshiny day added to the picturesque scene as the couple left the church and walked between an informal guard of honor of the bridegroom's shipmates to their waiting carriage.

Bride at St. George's Cathedral was Betty Eileen, youngest daughter of Mr. Alfred Dickson (Supt. of Prisons) and Mrs. Dickson, Barton's Mill, who was married to Herbert George Houston, RAN, second son of the late Mr. G. A. Houston, of Geraldton, and Mrs. J. G. Fraser, Barton's Mill. Groom's father was one-time State Oars Champion, and Mayor of Geraldton. The bride, accompanied by her father, wore an afternoon frock of white crepe with draped bodice and embroidered panel at the waist. She added a white flowered togue and carried gardenias and tuberoses. Her bridesmaid chose a pale blue long-waisted crepe frock, with white accessories. Leading Seaman Robert Moore was best man. Smiling happily the bride was handed into the sulky, waved to the applauding crowd, and blushed in confusion as the bridegroom gave her a hearty kiss.

Drawn by their smartly-stepping horses, the outfits went along to the photographers' again followed by an interested crowd, and later were driven to the reception at Durbridge Hall, South Perth. The M.C. was Mr. W. C. G. (Billy) Thomas.




HOWELL - PALMATEER   Wednesday 20th June 1928   

On Wednesday the 20th June, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bickley, was the scene of a pretty wedding, when Myrtle Alice, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Palmateer, of Bickley, was united in holy matrimony to Cecil John, the eldest son of Mr. and the late Mrs. Howell, of New Zealand, by Pastor White of Perth (an old friend of the bridegroom's people). The church was beautifully decorated by friends of the bride, who was given away by her father, and looked charming in a lovely frock of white crepe de chine, with silver lace panels down front and sides, and silver roses attached. Her exquisitely embroidered veil, charmingly arranged to form a train, fell from a coronet of orange blossom and tulle cap, and a beautiful bouquet of heath and roses (made by Mrs. J. Gray) completed her toilette. The bridesmaids - Miss Clarice Palmateer wore a charming frock of pale apricot crepe de chine trimmed with cream guipure lace, shoulder flowers, headgear of tulle and carried a violet posie: and Miss Phyllis (both sisters of the bride) wore a pretty shade of green crepe de chine neatly kilted with shoulder flowers, tulle headgear and carried a violet posy tied with tulle, corresponding with her dress. Mr. Forrest Hollingsworth officiated as best man, Mrs. J Clark played the organ and during the signing of the register, Miss Flo Delaney rendered a solo appropriate to the occasion. The reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents, Heidelberg, Bickley, Mrs. Palmateer receiving the guests in a smart dress of rose beige charmeline with hat en suite, assisted by Mrs. E. Wallis (Grandmother of the bride) who wore a becoming gown of shot morocain, hat en suite, and carried a posy presented for the occasion. About 70 guests sat down to a sumptuous repast, the feature of which was the three-decker wedding cake, made and decorated by Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Halleen (Uncle and Aunt of the bride). Mr. Gordon Palmateer presided, the usual toasts were honored and numerous congratulatory telegrams and cables were read. The Bride's traveling dress was a bois de rose woolen crepe de chine daintily trimmed with buttons, hat and shoes to match. The bride and groom departed on their honeymoon amid a shower of confetti and good wishes. Mr. and Mrs. Howell were the recipients of many beautiful and costly presents. Their future home will be in New Guinea where they are engaged in mission work.



HUDSON - CURTIS     1947     

John S. Hudson married Joyce Curtis in 1947.


HUGHES - McVITTIE     1951    

David F. Hughes married Margaret A. McVittie in 1951.



Evan J. Humphreys married Ethel M. Fawkes in 1939.


HUNTER - BENNETT  1938        

Harry Hunter married Thelma J. Bennett in 1938.




HURLIHY - SIMPSON    August 28th 1930    

On Thursday, 28th August, at the Methodist Church, Katanning, the marriage of Dulcie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, of Tambellup, to Mr. T. Hurlihy, of Karragullen, was celebrated by the Rev. Mason. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked charming in an attractive dress of white crepe-de-chine trimmed with silver beads and orange blossom, with wreath and veil. Her only ornaments were a string of pearls and ear-rings(the gift of the bridegroom), and she carried a dainty sheaf of lilies and fern. Miss Gladys Simpson, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and wore a dainty creation of pink satin. Her bouquet consisted of pink roses and hyacinths. Mr. H. Simpson, brother of the bride, ably carried out the duties of best man. The mother of the bride wore navy blue silk and hat to match, and carried a bouquet of violets. After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough, where the guests were received and a dainty breakfast partaken of. A very enjoyable evening was spent, the usual toasts being honored, after which the bride and bridegroom left by train for Perth, amidst showers of confetti and good wishes from their many friends.





HYMUS - BUCKINGHAM     1922   

Wesley J. Hymus married Bertha M. Buckingham in 1922.    


JOBSON - HUNTER     1907   

Burnett S. Jobson married Ann C. Hunter in 1907.


JOHNS - NESTOR    October 25th 1951  

Maisie Nestor was married at St. Andrews' Church, Perth on Saturday 20th October 1951, to Mr. Thomas Johns of Boulder.





JOHNSON -                 April 20th 1903


Maggie Elizabeth and August Johnson were married at the Methodist Manse, Fremantle on 20th April 1903. One year later they came to the Pickering Brook District where Mr. Johnson was engaged in sleeper-cutting. Later they bought 12 acres of virgin bush which they cleared by degrees, and where they made their home from stone they quarried themselves. They built "Ronneby", the property which is now 172 Lesmurdie Road, Lesmurdie. Other examples of Mr. Johnson's stone work in the Kalamunda area are the Methodist Church (now Uniting Church); the wall in front of the Agricultural Hall and the seat near St. Barnabas' Church. Mr. Johnson died in Lesmurdie Hospital on 26th September 1961 in his 90th year and Mrs Johnson died at "Ronneby" on 19th October 1962, one month before her 82nd Birthday.





JOHNSON - DORPH-PETERSEN   February 14th 1948

The Methodist Church, Crookwell, N.S.W., was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Saturday, 14th February, when Noreen, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Dorph-Petersen of Pickering Brook, Western Australia, was married to Lloyd, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Johnson, of Crookwell. The Rev. A. J. Bingley officiating.
The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr. N. Dorph-Petersen, of Sydney, who subsequently gave her away. Noreen was frocked in a gown of beautiful figured satin, featuring a cross-over bodice with full skirt and circular train, She wore a full length embroidered tulle veil, which was held in place with a coronet of frangipanni. Her veil was kindly lent by Mrs. Carr, of Sydney. Her bouquet was of frangipanni, tuberoses and Cecil Brunner roses.
Mrs. Tom Wong, sister of the bride, was matron of honour. Her gown was of green shantung, worn with a shoulder-length veil of tulle, held in place by a coronet of pink carnations. Her bouquet was of pink carnations and agapanthus.
The duties of best man were undertaken by Mr. Frank Johnson, brother of the bridegroom. The choir consisted of members of the Girl Comrades, of whom the bride is a member. During the signing of the register they sang "O Perfect Love" very beautifully. They then formed a guard of honour when the bride and groom were leaving the church.
The reception was held in the Sunday School Hall, where the bride's mother, assisted by the mother of the groom, received about fifty guests. The tables were very beautifully and colourfully decorated, and the three-tier wedding cake held pride of place. This was brought over from Western Australia by the bride's mother. During the reception a very nice solo was rendered by Miss Dawn Savill, of Sydney, cousin of the Bridegroom.
Many beautiful presents were received by the happy couple, also several cheques. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a pearl necklet and pearl eardrops, and her present to the groom was a fitted travelling case.
The bride travelled in a brown silk poplin frock with white accessories. The honeymoon will be spent touring the South Coast, and the future home of the happy young couple will be in Crookwell.







Phillip C. Jones married Vera G. Buckingham in 1935.


JOWETT - STINTON   1941   

Hubert A. B. Jowett married Roma B. Stinton in 1941.


JUDGE - MAUNDER    1846    

Edwin Judge married Fanny Maunder, in England in 1846. Eventually settling in Pickering Brook as a builder.





KALYNIUK - HAYES     29th October 1952   

A very pretty wedding took place on Wednesday, October 29, at the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bickley, between Joan Lynette, only child of Mrs. Hayes, of Carmel, and Basil Kalyniuk, also of Carmel. The bride chose a beautiful gown of lace and tulle featuring a tulle yoked lace bodice and a billowing tulle skirt, trimmed with motifs of lace. Her full length tulle veil was richly embroidered with silk and was held to the head by a tiny halo of orange blossom, whilst she carried a bouquet of mixed fresh flowers. Bridesmaids Miss Lois Nash, Miss Coral Possett and flower girl Robin Hendry, all wore gowns of match-ing design, of sky blue lace and organdie marquisette. The bodices were of lace with puff sleeves, Peter Pan collars and the very full skirts were of organdie marquisette with tulle peeping from the underskirt. They all carried gold flowers in their bouquets. The reception was held in the Kalamunda Hall where 100 guests were entertained by the happy couple.





KEANE - WHITE     1877    

Thirty-three year old Edward Nivian Harvey Keane married seventeen year old Lilla, daughter of Abraham and Mary White, of "Illawarra", Kapunda, South Australia, at St. Peter's Chapel, Adelaide in 1877.



KELLY-ROADS    December 5th 1934

Eighteen year old Sylvia, eldest daughter of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads of Pickering Brook, married  Charles Kelly of Barton's Mill on 5th December.  



KERNAN - WOODS    7th October 1933

On October 7th, at St. Mary's, Leederville, by Rev. Father Russell, Lee, son of the late Hugh J. Kernan and Mrs. Weir, of North Perth, to Dulcie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woods, of Barton's Mill.





Lloyd P. Knuckey married Eleanor M. Bettenay in 1948.



Curnow A. Knuckey married Dorothy M. Bettenay in 1953.


KNUCKEY - PARKER     1923    

Richard Knuckey married Mary Parker in 1923.


LANGE - DOUGLAS  May 27th 1939

The marriage was solemnised at the Methodist Church on Saturday, 27th May, between Mr. Victor Lange, eldest son of Mr. F. W. Lange, and the late Mrs. Lange, of "Greendale", King River, and Miss Netta Douglas, youngest daughter of Captain and Mrs. E. A. Douglas, of "Maitland," Kalgan River. The Rev. Harry Moore performed the ceremony. The Church was prettily decorated with geraldton wax plant and asparagus fern. The bride was given away by her father and wore a frock of white silk lace over white satin, fashioned on classical lines, with long tight-fitting sleeves ending in a point well over the wrists. A pendant (gift of the bridegroom) lent a dainty note to the bodice, which was cut with a cross-over front. The long graceful train was cut in the skirt, which fitted her figure to the ground, and fell beyond the back of the frock. A filmy tulle veil, monogrammed in one corner, was held in place by a coronet of lilies and orange blossom. She carried a bouquet of white chrysanthemums and southern crosses, from which hung a white satin horseshoe, made by Miss Alex Hill. Miss Joy Moir, Miss Joy Lange and Miss Mary Mior were the bridesmaids, completed her toilette. They all wore frocks of gold net over patterned taffeta, built on simple lines, with shirred waists, finished with red ribbon velvet, which was also used for shoulder straps. They wore pendants, gifts of the bridegroom, and red halos on their heads. Bouquets of poinsettia completed the toilettes. Mr. Alex lange (brother of the bridegroom) was the best man, and Mr. W. P. Norman was the groomsman. During the signing of the register, Mrs. N. Moir, sister of the bride, sang "Love's Coronation." Mrs. Douglas, mother of the bride, wore a frock of wine French cloque, with hat and accessories to match, and carried a bouquet of rosebuds, gladioli and privet leaves. Mrs. Moir chose a frock of black taffeta and lace with scarlet trimmings, and a black velvet cape.

After the wedding, Captain and Mrs. Douglas held a reception at the R.S.L. Institute, where wedding repast was served. The customary toasts were honoured and telegrams of congratulations were read, Mr. Otto Reeves carrying out the duties of chairnan. The wedding cake, made by the bride's mother, was decorated in nautical fashion, with a model of the ship "Maitland," which Captain Douglas commanded when the bride was born. During the evening the bride and bridegroom left for their future home at Karragullen, the bride travelling in a frock of rust French cloque and coat of brown fur fabric. Shoes, gloves and handbag exactly matching xompleted her toilette.

Mr. and Mrs. Lange are making their home in Karragullen.



LEWIS - RICHARDS   January 1933

Recently a quiet but pretty wedding was solemnised at the Methodist Church, Cottesloe, by the Rev. G. E. Jones, when Robert Henry Lewis, of Karragullen, and Emily Gladys, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Richards, of Boulder were united. The "Wedding March" was played by Mrs Williams as the bride entered the church on the arm of her uncle, Mr.Mr. J. T. Grey, who, in the unavoidable absence of the bride's father, gave her away. The hymn, "The Voice That Breathed O'er Eden," was sung. The bride was charmingly gowned in ivory satin, moulded to the figure, and caught at the waist with a brilliant buckle, and with long, close fitting sleeves. The beautifully embroidered veil, lent by a friend, was worn over a lace cap, with sprays of orange blossom. A three-strand necklet of pearls, the gift of the bridegroom, and a beautiful sheaf of Christmas lilies, completed a dainty toilet. The bridesmaid, Miss Alice Barker, a girl friend of the bride, was frocked in white satin, with long, close-fitting sleeves and shoulder cape; hat of pink crinoline straw and pink satin shoes. She wore the bridegroom's gift of pink crystal necklet and ear-rings, and carried a sheaf of pink gladioli. A little bridesmaid, Letty Alton, looked dainty in white lace and crepe de chine, a circlet of flowers on her head, and wearing the bridegroom's gift of a blue crystal necklet. She carried a posy of rosebuds. Mr. Alton carried out the duties of best man. Mrs. Alton kindly lent her home in Pearse Street, Cottesloe, for the reception, where Mrs. Richards, in a handsome frock of black silk marocain, trimmed with white and a smart little hat in black and white, and carrying a posy of crimson roses, received the guests. She was assisted by Mrs. Alton. The sheaves and bouquets were made by Mrs. Grey, aunt of the bride. The bride's travelling frock was blue, with hat to match. After a short honeymoon, the happy couple left for their home at Karragullen


LEWIS - THORNE   1959    

Brian David Lewis married Joy Lorraine Thorne in 1959.



LEY - ASHCROFT            1940    

Florence Ashcroft married Bert Ley at the Carmel Methodist Church in 1940. Florence was 50 years old at the time of the marriage. They lived thereafter on schmit Road. Bert Ley worked for John Moffatt.




LIGHTLY - ROWLANDS    October 2nd 1906   


At "Westbrook House", Newtown, on Wednesday 3rd, a quite wedding took
place between Miss E. Roelands, recently of Busselton, and Mr. Frank
Lightly, of Pickering Brook and Karridale. The drawing room was decorated
with white roses, marguerites and asparagus fern, and from the centre of
the room was suspended a wedding bell of lilies, beneath which the happy
couple stood while the Rev. W. A. Darling united them in holy bonds. The
bride, who was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr. W. Dias Taylor, was
attired in an electric blue checked voile, trimmed with Paris lace and chiffon,
and a pretty chiffon hat. Miss Comming, neatly gowned in white muslin, 
trimmed with insertion and lace, and white hat, acted as bridesmaid; Mr. H. Dawson fulfilled the duties of best man. After all present had joined in singing " The voice that breathed o'er Eden," and the ceremony was completed, the friends assembled did justice to the refreshments served in the dining room, and the usual felicitations were indulged in, the toast to the "bride and bridegroom" being proposed by the Rev. W. A. Darling. Later Mr. and Mrs. Lightly left amid showers of rice for the Margaret and Yallingup Caves, where the honeymoon will be spent, the bridal coach being profusely decorated with well worn shoes as emblems of good luck. The decorations were arranged by Mrs. E. Dawson, and the catering carried out by Mr. Andrews, of Busselton.



LIMB - NICHOLLS    September 18th 1933   

At the Mt. Lawley Methodist Church on Monday evening the marriage was solemnised of Miss Winifred Muriel Nicholls, only daughter of Mr. L. H. and the late Mrs. Nicholls, of Karragullen, to Rev. George Ronald Limb, of East Fremantle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Limb of Fourth Avenue, Mt. Lawley. The Rev. Joseph Green and the Rev. A. J. Barclay officiating.

The bride. who was given away by her father, was gowned in white satin and lace, built on lines of classic simplicity, and wore her grandmother's veil of Brussels lace. She carried a shower bouquet of white lilies, roses, carnations and fern, and was attended by Miss Ivy Boulden and Miss Mary Nagle, frocked alike in shrimp pink crepe de chine with organdie sleeves and bows, topped by becoming wide brimmed hats of Neora straw in the same shade. Mr. L. B. Nicholls was best man and Mr. C. Limb groomsman.

After the ceremony the wedding party adjoined to the Karrakatta Club hall, where a wreath of sweet peas, white broom and Iceland poppies added beauty. Mrs. Percy Howard, aunt of the bride, received a number of guests, wearing a handsome gown of black lace and a fox fur, topped with a becoming hat of black lace. She carried daffodils and fern. Mrs. Limb wore a graceful gown of black georgette and lace with a smart little hat of black straw, relieved with white, and furs. Her bouquet was of dark red roses.

During the evening the Rev. G. R. and Mrs. Limb left by car, the bride travelling in an effective weave of deep violet and grey, with hat to match.



LINDLEY - BUCKINGHAM    October 15th 1913

A very pretty wedding was solomised at St. Mary's Church, Kelmscott, on October 15th, by the Rev. William A. B. Haynes. The contracting parties were Mr. George Lindley, elder son of Mrs. F. Lindley, of Pickering Brook, and Miss Ethel Rose Buckingham, the sixth daughter of Mr. W. J. Buckingham, of "Greenwood", Roleystone. The day was perfect and the church was very prettily decorated with lilies, bridal creeper, and ferns by the lady friends of the bride. The bridal couple stood under an arch of foliage and flowers, from which a wedding bell, with the initials of the bride and bridegroom worked on either side was suspended. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked very pretty in a beautifully trimmed gown of silk voile trimmed with silk insertions and fringe, the customary wreath and veil being worn. She also carried a bouquet of exquisite cream roses and fern. The bride was attended by four bridesmaids. The first two (Miss Flo Lindley and Miss Hilda Buckingham) wore pretty frocks of pale blue crepe-de-chine trimmed with insertions and buttons. They also carried bouquets of red roses and asparagus fern with streamers of cream ribbon. The second two bridesmaids were Miss Alma Buckingham and Miss Ruby Lindley who wore dainty gowns of rose pink crepe-de-chine and carried silver crooks with cream streamers and pink roses. The best man was Mr. Fred Lindley, brother of the bridegroom, and the groomsman was Mr. Lawrence Buckingham, brother of the bride.

The reception was held in the Kelmscott Hall, where the guests were received by the bride's mother, who was dressed in black silk. The breakfast table was decorated by Mrs. Harmer and looked very pretty indeed, and the cake, which was in five tiers, was made by Mrs. Lloyd. After the reception, the happy couple left by train for Bunbury where their honeymoon was spent, she bride traveling in a smart coat and skirt of blue silk poplin and hat of cream crinoline straw, trimmed with pink roses. They were the recipients of a large number of beautiful and useful presents. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a drowsing case; the bridegroom's to the bride a diamond brooch; the bridegroom's to the first bridesmaid a wristlet watch; to the second and third chain and medallion, and to the fourth a gold necklace.


LITTLELY - HAMES     1934   

Harold D. Lttlely married Elizabeth E. Hames in 1934



Ronald S. Littlely married Elspeth M. McWhirter in 1951


LITTLELY - SHARPE   1937    

Stanley J. Littlely married Voilet M. Sharpe in 1937














LONGO - RADICE   1968     

Carmela, daughter of Bennadina & Michele Radice of Pickering Brook married Luigi Longo in 1968.



LOWES - ARNOTT    March 22nd 1913    

A very pretty but quite wedding was celebrated at Brisbane-street Methodist Church on Saturday the 22nd March. The happy couple being Miss Arnott, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Arnott, of Mount Lawley (late of Consett, County Durham, England), and John Lowes, only son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Robert Lowes, of Blackhill, County Durham. The Rev. F. S. Finch officiated. The service was full choral. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked dainty in a dress of ivory silk Pailette, the corsage being prettily draped and trimmed with silk lace. The trained skirt was draped at the left side, caught with a spray of orange blossom. The bride wore a lovely veil with a wreath of orange blossom, and carried a bouquet of white rose and maidenhair fern. She was attended by three maids of honour, Miss M. Williams, Miss M. Cooke (cousins of the bride), and Miss A. McBride. Miss Williams wore a charming frock of sage silk ninon, with over-skirt of pearled chiffon and trimmed with Maltese lace, a white tagel hat trimmed with French flowers and tosca net. Miss Cooke wore a dainty dress of saxe-charmeuse silk, trimmed with lovely cream collar and tucked net, pink tagel hat, trimmed with lancer plume. Miss McBride wore a pretty frock of blue crepe de chine trimmed with Oriental trimming and cream lace, smart black tagel hat with apricot ninon and pink roses. They carried large horseshoes of red and cream roses with dark red streamers. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a pair of gold sleeve-links and the bridegroom's present to the bride a manicure set. The bridegroom presented to the bridesmaids jewelled brooches. After the ceremony, the relatives and a few friends of the bride and bridegroom assembled at the residence of the bride's parents to present their good wishes and congratulations to the bride and bridegroom. Miss Minnie Rayner sang "Through Love to Light." After the toasts had been honoured the happy couple left for Heidelberg, the bride wearing a navy blue coat and skirt, with hat to match. The presents were numerous, including a sliver mounted Wedgwood salad bowl, suitably inscribed, presented by the choir of the Brisbane Street Methodist Church, of which the bride was a member, and also a purse of sovereigns to the bridegroom from his fellow officers in the Department of Agriculture and Industries.


MACRI - GRILLO    1952  

Angelo Macri married Alfonzia Grillo in 1952.


MADDIGAN - HUNTER      1921      

Gerald F. Maddigan married Margaret Hunter in 1921.


MANN - BAISI     1961     

Frederick Ketta Mann married Clara Anna Baisi in 1961



Alfred S. Martin married Hilda M. Buckingham in 1916.


MASON - FOWLER    1927   

Herbert Mason married Nora Fowler in 1927.



MASON - HAMBLIN    June 19th 1852

In 1852, when they were both 25, Benjamin Mason, married Eliza Hamblin, at St. Georges Church, in Perth on 19th June, by the Colonel Chaplain the Rev. J. B. Wittenoon.  Benjamin was the son of Sgt. John Mason of 73rd Regiment. The witnesses to the marriage were L. Hamblin and M. Speed.


 IN PERTH C1852     #14


MASON - KNIGHT    July 17th 1943  

Blue crepe marocain in Grecian style with three-quarter sleeves, with blue gem hat and sprays adorning her frock and bag, was chosen by Joan Emily, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Knight, of Inglewood, when she attended St. Mary's, Colin Street, to marry Ernest Edward Mason, second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Mason, of Carmel. Mrs. Winifred Scott wore a Grecian style in pink crepe marocain with pink gem hat and toning sprays. Cecil Cooper was best man. Guests were entertained at Patersons after the ceremony.




MASON - OYSTON    c. September 13th 1897

In September 1897, Ernest John, son of John and Agnes Mason, of Carmel, married 17 year old Flora Jane Oyston from Gawler, South Australia, at the Church of England at Guildford.




John Mavor married Phyllis E. Buckingham in 1932.


McCASKELL - HUNTER      1911     

Roderick McCaskell married Frances L. Hunter in 1911


McCORKILL - CURTIS  June 9th 1945  

The marriage of Rose Curtis, of Clifton Hill, to Captain Harold Edgar McCorkill (ex A.I.F.), of Pickering Brook took place on Saturday the 9th June at 4 p.m. at St. Andrew's, Clifton Hill.



McCORKILL - ROADS   July 3rd 1937

Myrtle V. B., Second eldest daughter of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook, married John William Edward McCorkill on 3rd July.



McCULLAGH - LINDLEY    April 6th 1921

The marriage of Miss Ruby Lindley, youngest daughter of the late Mrs. F. Lindley, of Pickering Brook, and Mr. Henry J. McCullagh, of Kalamunda, took place at St. Barnabas' Church on April 6th, the Rev. J. Nicholls officiating.






McVEA - LOGIE   1930   

David M. McVea married Marjory J. Logie in 1930.


McVITTIE - BETTENAY    1926     

Robert Y. McVittie married Doris C. Bettenay in 1926



Joseph L. Medcraft married Jean M. Champion in 1936.


MITCHELL - ROBERTS     August 14th  1926   

Was solomised on 14th August at Carmel by Rev. Tom Allan.



MOORE - KENNETT   April 28th 1923

At St. Barnabas' Church, Kalamunda, on Saturday, April 28, the Rev. P. J. Nicholls presided over the nuptials of Mr. Jesse D. Moore (late of the A.I.F.) of Pickering Brook, and Miss Edith J. H. Kennett, of Dymchurch, Kent (England). The church was daintily decorated, and after the ceremony the bridal party and guests repaired to "St. Elmo" for the wedding breakfast. After the customary toasts the happy couple left for their future home at Pickering Brook.



MOTTRAM - BANYARD    January 21st 1870    

Henry Mottram, of Mason & bird Timber Company, married Anna Maria Banyard in Perth on 21st January.




NECK - ROADS   November 16th 1948

On16th November, Mabel, the fourth eldest daughter of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook, Married Alfred Lloyd Neck.




NEAVES - PADGETT     1931      

Godfrey M. Neaves married Nellie Padgett in 1931


NEWMAN  - MASON   November 17th 1881 NEW FEBRUARY 2018

At Canning on the 17th November by Rev. G. H. Sweeting. B. A. Edward Newman married Mary, second daughter of Benjamin Mason of the Canning.


NEWNES - HILET   September 1943

A wedding of interest to many Perth and North-West friends was solemnised at St. Matthew's Church of England, Albury, N.S.W. (by special license), when Morris Francis, R.A.A.F., only child of Capt. M. F. Newnes, of Pickering Brook and the late Mrs. Newnes, married Phyliss A.W.A.S., elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hilet, of Adelaide Terrace, Perth.



NICHOLLS - ADAMS      November 10th 1934

On November 10th, at Wesley Church, Perth, by the Rev. G. R. Limb, Leslie Bakewell, elder son of Mr. L. H. Nicholls, of Karragullen, to Rosevear Edith Adams, youinger daughter of Mrs. W. P. Roberts, of North Perth.



NIVEN - BORDAS  February 9th 1935

An evening wedding which created considerable interest among staff of Foy and Gibson's Ltd, was solemnised at St. Alban's Church, Highgate, on February 9, when Alexander Thomas Niven, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Niven, of Mt. Lawley, was married to Juanita Bordas, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bordas, of Loftus Street, Leederville, the Rev. A. Marshall officiating. Given away by her father, the bride was attractively frocked in white Chantilly lace and Juliet cap with embossed veil. She carried a sheaf of lilies. The bridesmaids, Misses Jean Henderson and Constance Niven, were prettily dressed in Princess Marina blue morrocain and Robin Hood hats. They carried sheaf's of tea roses. Mr. T. Grimshaw acted as best man, and Mr. W. Bordas as groomsman. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. A. Niven received upwards of 60 guests at their home, Mt. Lawley. Mrs. Niven, wearing a brown lace gown, being assisted by Mrs. J Bordas, who was in blue morrocain. The wedding breakfast table was set on the lawn, and was encircled with festoons of coloured lights. Mr. A. Purslowe acted as chairman, and after the usual toasts were honored, a toast was given to settlers at Niven's Gully, at Pickering Brook, which the bridegroom had pioneered, and of whom four were present. Subsequently Mr. J. Bordas Jun., entertained the party to a display of magic, and Mr. W. Miller rendered songs. Many beautiful presents were received by the bridal pair, who left during the evening for their honeymoon at Rottnest, the bride traveling in a white linen suit with black and white accessories. Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Niven will make their home at Pickering Brook.






Malcolm Richard O'Meagher married Helen Marie Anderson in 1957



Thomas S. O'Meagher married Dorothy J. Cloutt in 1945


OWEN - ANNETTS   1957 

Clive McKenzie Owen married Pamela Jean Annetts in 1957


OWEN - HEWISON   About 1st January 1933  

Raymond Cecil, son of Oliver and Mary Owen of Pickering Brook married Flora Margaret, daughter of William and Helen Hewison of Pickering Brook at Canning on about the 1st January 1933


OWEN - JUDGE      23rd March 1874

At Kenington Church, London, England, Edward the fifth son of John and Elizabeth Owen, of Kevescreen Farm, near Berrlew, Montgomeryshire, North Wales married Mary, eldest daughter of Fanny and Edwin Judge, of Tring, Herts, and late of Harrow, Middlesex. Present address (1934) Rosedale Orchard, Pickering Brook.


OWEN - PASSMORE    March 24th 1897

The marriage took place at the North Fremantle Methodist Church on 24th March between Oliver Edward, eldest son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Owen and Nellie,
youngest daughter of the late Heny Passmore J.P. of North Fremantle. The
Rev. A. J. Barclay officiating.



OWEN - TREMAIN   August 7th 1943

Embossed satin, with heart neckline and train, completed with veil and orange blossom and bouquet of camellias and tuberoses, was the outfit chosen by Constance Beryl eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tremain, Victoria Park, for her marriage at St. George's Cathedral, to L.A.C. Francis Owen, R.A.A.F., youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Owen, Pickering Brook. Faye Miller was bridesmaid, wearing an old-world model of pink organdie, with fresh-flower coronet and veil. Cpl. John Devitt, R.A.A.F. was best man. Guests attended the reception at South Perth


OWSTON - MASON   November 21st 1879 NEW FEBRUARY 2018

On Saturday 21st, in the quite little hamlet of the Canning, the third daughter of Mr. Benjamin Mason, was led to the alter br Mr. William Owston,Jnr, of Fremantle. The ceremony was performed by the rev. G. H. Sweeting, in the presence of a large number of the folks of the district, by whom Mr. Mason's family are deservedly held in high esteem.


OZICH - GHILARDUCCI      1962    

John Stanley Ozich married Teresa Ghiarducci in 1962.



PADGETT - WALLIS   1930     

Charles E. Padgett married Edna W. Wallis in 1930.


PAGOTTO - GENONI   28th April 1951

The wedding of Miss Barbar Genoni, of 49 Louise Street, Nedlands, to Mr. Lee Pagotto, of Lesmurdie took place on April 28th 1951 at St. Patricks Church, West Perth. The young couple will make their home at Lesmurdie.



In 1897 Mr. H. G. Palmateer, of Heidelburg (later Carmel), married Miss Lucy Wallis in the Church of England Church, Guildford.



PARMENTER -       ?        24th December 1892    

The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Parmenter was solemised at Canning Mills on the 24th December, officiated by Rev. W. F. Marshall.




Ada Margaret, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Fernie, of Pickering Brook, said "I will" to Kendrick Henry, eldest son of Mrs. A. V. Pattinson and the late Mr. Pattinson, of Subiaco, at Wesley Church, Perth. The bride wore embroidered organza, gracefully trained, with embroidered veil and shower bouquet. Attendants were Mrs. Bernice Fernie and Fay Pattinson, the former wearing sky blue taffeta, the latter shell pink, designed alike in picture style. Fresh flower coronets were worn, and they carried shower bouquets. Messrs. Jack May and Dudley Pattinson were the groom's attendants.



Amos G. Petrucci married Eurosia Armanasco in 1946.


PETRUCCI - GIUDICI    1960      

Pietro Petrucci married Irma Maria Giudici in 1960.



PRICE - KINROSS    January 2nd 1932   

On Gladys Flora Kinross' 22nd birthday, January 2nd she married Hector James Price, of Karragullen, at the Lake Street Church of Christ. The Service was conducted by Pastor Charles Schwab and followed by a small reception at the Kinross family home in Shakespeare Road, Kalamunda. After their wedding Hector and Gladys spent a night at Illawarra, Karragullen then drove the Oakland Tourer in 106 degree temperature, to Bunbury. The next day they travelled to Caves House, Yallingup to spend a week before moving on to Augusta, Bridgetown, Manjimup, spending another week at Walpole, then returning home via Denmark, Albany and Wagin.




PUZEY - PRICE   January 14th 1956    

On the 14th January John Puzey married Margaret Emily, eldest daugther of Hector and Gladys Price, of "Illawarra" Karragullen




RAEBURN - PEET   May 28th 1897

At the Congregational Manse, Perth, on the 28th May, by the Rev. W. T. Kench, John Raeburn, Accountant, Canning Jarrah Timber Co., Ltd., Perth, to Lillie 
Elixabeth Emma, only daughter of the late Frederick Peet, of Providence, Rhode Island, N.J., U.S.A



RAWLINS - FAYERMAN     November 25th 1878    

John Alexander Rawlins of the Canning Timber Station, married Jane Fayerman in Perth on the 25th November.



REID - LOCKE   January 4th 1943     

The marriage between Iris, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Locke, of Victoria Park, and Gnr Ronald, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Reid of Karragullen was celebrated at St. Peter's Church, Victoria Park on Saturday the 2nd January.



RICHES  - ANDERSON     1972     

In 1972 Kim Riches married Lorriane Kay, youngest daughter of Rita and Archie Anderson of Carmel.


ROADS - ANDERSON     July 30th 1960

On 30th July, in Victoria Park, Gail Patricia Anderson married Douglas Bernard, son of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook.



ROADS - SMITH     January 23rd 1953

On 23rd January, Thelma Doreen Smith married Colin, third eldest son of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook.



ROADS - STIRK   December 9th 1920

Winifred Hope Stirk married Walter Thomas William, eldest son of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook, on 9th December.

ROADS – TRURAN   September 5th 1914

On 5th September 1914 in Perth, Thomas Roads, the first son of William and Mary Ann Roads, of Lesmurdie married sixteen year old Mabel Maude March, daughter of Emily Annie Truran, of Geraldton.

ROADS - WALTERS     1951

In 1951, Jeanette Anne Walters, married Kenneth, son of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads of Pickering Brook.




ROADS - WILKINSON    September 19th 1946

Thelma Jean Wilkinson married Richard Sydney Arthur, second eldest son of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook, on 19th September 1946.



ROBINSON - CURTIS       1952      

Ian A. Robinson married Edith D. Curtis in 1952


ROBINSON - JEFFRIES    June 15th 1903    

At the Cathedral, by Dean Goldsmith, on the 15th June, William Razey Robinson, of Canning Mills married Amy Ann Jeffries, second daughter of William Jeffries, of Albany.



RUTHERFORD       December 20  1909      

The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rutherford, of Canning Mills, was solemnised  at St. Mary's Church of England, West Perth on the 20th December.



RUTHERFORD - MOORE    November 1932

St. John's Church, Fremantle, was recently the scene of a pretty wedding, when Myrtle, youngest daughter of Mrs. Moore and the late G. W. Moore, of 21 Blinco Street, Fremantle, said "I will" to Charles Vernon Rutherford, of Karragullen. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her brother, Mr. George Moore, to the strains of the Wedding March, was charmingly gowned in white satin and lace. Her beautiful headdress was of silver lace, arranged with a spray of orange blossom from which fell a lovely embroidered veil. A finishing touch to an exquisite bridal toilet was a sheaf of arum lilies, roses and ferns, made by her sister (Mrs. Les. Selkirk). The bride was attended by her sister, Mrs. Claude Spalding, and Miss Betty Culbertson. Both were frocked in powder blue georgette frocks, and wore toques of apricot velvet flowers and floral tulle. They carried sheaves of apricot tinted roses and ferns. Mr. Fred Rankin (cousin of the bride) carried out the duties of best man, assisted by Mr. Dick Alcock as groomsman. After the ceremony the wedding breakfast was partaken of at the residence of Mrs. L. Gray, 46 Duke Street, East Fremantle. Later a reception was held at the East Fremantle Town Hall, where Mrs. Moore received about 250 guests. She wore maroon morocain, trimmed champagne, with hat and gloves to match, and carried a bouquet of red roses. She was assisted by Mrs. J. Rutherford, who was dressed in blue floral silk morocain, with hat and gloves to tone, and carried a bouquet of red roses. Later in the evening the bride and bridegroom left by car for their honeymoon, which was spent in the South-West. The bride traveled in a beautiful ensemble of port wine morocain, relieved with silver buttons and trimmings, with a chic little hat of chip straw to match.

SALA TENNA - HAWKING     1963     

Vincent Joseph Sala Tenna married Mildred Mary Hawking in 1963.


SALA TENNA - MATTABONI     1962     

Ralph Albert Sala Tenna married Sylvia Martha Mattaboni in 1962.


SAUNDERS - OYSTON    May 31st 1906

On 31st May, at St. Mary's, Colin Street, Perth, by the Rev. Edward Makeham, John, youngest  son of W. Saunders, Kyneton, Victoria, to Ciscelia May, the youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Oyston, of Port Adeliade, and only sister of Mrs. Ernest Mason, of Pickering Brook. Later living in Karragullen.


SAUNDERS - WALLIS     1939      

Edwin A. Saunders married Freda E. Wallis in 1939


SCARI - O'MEAGHER     1938    

Thomas Scari married Blanche G. O'Meagher in 1938.





Erich G. Schmidt married Barbara Loaring in 1931.




BARBARA LOARING c1925      #38


SCOLARO - PENNISI    1943       

Basilo Scolaro married Grazia Pennisi in 1943.


SEXTON - SMITH   September 16th 1950  

An old world gown of tulle appliqued with tiger lilies was worn by Joy Smith for her wedding on Saturday 16th September at Wesley Church to Leslie Sexton. Bride was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Smith, of Karragullen, and the groom was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Sexton of Inglewood.
The bride's niece, Jennifer Smith, who turned four years old in a weeks time, was flower-girl, and wore a white frock identical with the bride's. She carried a basket of lemon flowers. Bridesmaids were Noela Sexton, Gloria Hinkley and Una Drinkwater, who wore frocks of pale lemon figured organdie.

SHARPE - HAINS   March 11th 1950   

An unusual wedding took place on Saturday the 11th March, at St. Andrew's Church, Perth, when Miss Alva Hains, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Hains, of Maylands, was married to Mrs. Walter Sharpe, youngest son of Mrs. and the late Mr. J. Sharpe, of Karragullen.

The bride, who was piped into the church by two pipers, wore a full skirted gown of white lace which had a georgette yoke edged with flowers of the same material. She carried a bouquet of frangipani, stephanotis and tuberoses, and her veil of embroidered tulle was caught with a coronet of orange blossom. The bridesmaids, Misses Jean Fletcher and Shirley Turtle, wore gowns of pastel mauve lace which featured full skirts and draped necklines. The train bearer, Miss Una Glass wore kilts.

The groom was assisted by Mr. Bruce Dawkins and Mr. Larry Mellor.



SHARPE - PRICE      1909    

George F. Sharpe married Alice A. Price in 1909.


SIMPSON - WHYTE   November 19th 1951    

On Saturday the 19th November, in the Pirie Street Methodist Church, Adelaide, Matron S. K. Whyte of Kiverton Hospital, Unley Park, married Mr. George Simpson of Col. Light Gardens, formerly of Rokewood, Karragullen. She wore a beaded burgundy Chantilly lace frock and hat. Her daughter, Mrs. A. Rosenthal, from Melbourne and Mrs. J. Mckenzie were matrons of honor, in turquoise blue satin and needle-run lace hats. A reception was held at the Beverley Hotel.



SMAILES - BROWN    1965    

Alan Edward Smailes married Geraldine Susan Brown in 1965



SMAILES – HANBURY    September 1906


In September 1906, Sydney Smailes (Syd as he was called), of Karragullen, third son of James and Lavinia Smailes of Hull, Yorkshire, England, married Edith Johanna Hanbury of Karragullen.




SMAILES - JORGENSEN   March 27th 1937   

On 27th March at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Perth, by Rev. G. Tulloch, Edward Martin, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Smailes, of Claremont, to Beatrice Edna (Trixie) younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Jorgenson of Kalgoorlie and Kalamunda. Hedley Jorgenson, Trixie's brother, gave her away at the wedding as her father, Hans Hansen, was occupied on the goldfields.




SMAILES - JUDGE    1947   

Vincent K. Smailes married Ethel M. Judge in 1947





SMAILES - PEARSON   February 17th 1943    

On 17th February at Forrest Park Methodist Church by Rev. R. Mason, James Palliser (AIF returned) , eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Smailes, of Karragullen, to Marion, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Pearson, of Mount Lawley.



SMITH - CUNNOLD (by special licence)  February 15th 1943

On 15th February, at St. John's Church, Fremantle, by Canon Collick, Mathew, second son of Mr and Mrs A. Smith, of East Fremantle, to Dorothy Hazel, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs J. T. Cunnold, Of Pickering Brook.




SMITH - MILLER   February 16th 1952    

Eliane Miller and Frederick Smith were married at Wesley Church, Perth on Saturday and received the congratulations of their friends at a reception at Kelmscott Hall. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Miller of Yale Street, Maddington, and the groom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Smith, of Karragullen


SMITH - ROADS   November 2nd 1962

Glasgow born John Chandler Smith, past member of the 28th Battalion and the 24th Anti/Tank Company, married Sylvia, eldest daughter of Tommy and the late Mabel Roads, of Pickering Brook, on 2nd November.



SPRIGGS - SULLIVAN    March 28th 1945     

On 28th March at Forrest Park Methodist Church, Lawrence, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Spriggs of Pickering Brook, to Patricia, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Sullivan of Karragullen. Rev. M. Mason officiated.




Kiesimar Stampalsija married Andjelina Ursich in 1945.


STINTON - BENNETT    1940    

Lionel C. Stinton married Alma G. Bennett in 1940.



TAIT - WINSOR     November 11th 1922  

Wedding of Tom Tait of Carmel and Myrtle Winsor took place of the 11th November 1922






TAMAN - ROBERTS    September 24th 1938

Mrs. R. Taman, was married at the Carmel Methodist Church on the 24th September. The bride was formerly Miss Mavis Roberts.




THORNE - BUCKINGHAM     1915     

Edward J. thorne married Emily V. Buckingham jn 1915


TRINCA - SALA TENNA    1947     

Anselma Trinca married Josie Sala Tenna in 1947.



James W. G. married Ada M. Buckinghan in 1909.



David Fred Turner married Marcia Isobell Fretwell in 1965.



VETTA - CASOTTI     1957    

Antonio Vetta married Liliana Maria Casotti in 1957



Antonio (Anthony) Vincenti married Anna Maria Plozza in 1960.



Frank A. Wallis married Loyal F. Cottrell in 1943.



WALLIS - GREEN    July 15th 1913    

A pretty and quiet wedding was celebrated at St. Swithin's Church, Lesmurdie, Kalamunda, on July 15th, Rev. Mr. Nicholls officiating. The contracting parties were Levi John Wallis, eldest son of the late John Wallis, of "Orangedale", Kalamunda, and Ada Morris, the second daughter of the late Mr. M. J. Green, of Warburton, Victoria. They were among the most popular and respected residents in the district, as was shown by the number of well-wishers who attended. The church was crowded. The bride, carrying a bouquet of orange blossom, with cream ribbon streamers and rosettes, entered the church on the arm of Mr. Gaul, of Victoria, who gave her away. She wore a becoming gown of cream taffeta voile, trimmed with guipure lace, merv. ribbon, and white glass buttons. The bride was attended by Miss Florence Wallis as bridesmaid, who wore a dainty cream silk frock, trimmed with cream silk lace and blue ribbon. She carried a pretty bouquet, with blue streamers. The bridesmaid wore a gold band ring, suitably inscribed, the gift from the bridegroom. The duties of best man were carried out by Mr. Frank Wallis, brother to the bridegroom.

After the ceremony, amid showers of confetti, the bride, bridegroom, and party motored to "Orangedale", the residence of Mrs. E. Wallis, the mother of the bridegroom, where a dainty and prettily laid out breakfast was partaken of. Here the usual toasts were honoured. That of the newly-married couple was proposed by Mr. Nicholls and responded to by the bridegroom, who then proposed the health of the bridesmaid, to which the best man, Mr. F. Wallis, suitably responded. Mr. Nicholls proposed the health of the parents, to which Mr. Gaul responded. Mr. and Mrs. Wallis then departed by motor for Perth, where the honeymoon was spent. They intend to take up their residence at Pickering Brook. The bride's traveling costume was black silk, trimmed with cream silk, and hat to match. The bouquets were made by Miss I. Collins, of Kalamunda, while the wedding cake was supplied by Messrs. McOmish and Forbes. The bridegroom presented the bride with a beautiful set of fox furs, while the bride presented the bridegroom with a cheque. A large number of presents were received from relatives and friends.





WALLIS - QUINN   February 17th 1914   

On Tuesday, February 17th, the wedding of Miss Mary Julia Quinn, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Quinn, of Kalamunda, to Frank William Wallis, youngest son of the late Mr. John Wallis and Mrs. Wallis, of "Orangedale", Wallis Siding, Kalamunda was celebrated at St. Mary's R. C. Church, East Guildford. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father Brady. The bride's dress was of Eolienne silk with ninon draping on the bodice, giving a cross-over effect. The skirt was draped and caught up with a horseshoe and small sprays of orange blossom, and was finished with a square court train. The customary wreath and veil were worn, and a shower bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom, was carried. The bride was given away by her father, and her two bridesmaids were Miss Florence Wallis (sister of the Bridegroom), who was dressed in white silk and wore a Juliet cap edged with pale pink roses, and Miss Irene Quinn (sister of the bride), who wore pale pink silk, with hat to match. They both carried pink bouquets. Mr. A. R. Halleen acted as best man, and Mr. Jack Quinn as groomsman. Mrs. Quinn (mother of the bride) wore a pearl grey cashmere gown, trimmed with silk appliqué, and a soft straw hat swathed in grey. Mrs. Wallis (mother of the bridegroom) was gowned in black glace silk, with coatee effect, and wore a black hat with lancer plumes. Miss May Holman, of Perth, officiated at the organ. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a gold ring, and the bridegroom's present to the bride was a ladies traveling case, with silver fittings, and to the bridesmaids gold necklets and pendants. After the ceremony the party motored to the Rose and Crown Hotel, Guildford, where the wedding breakfast was partaken of, and when the usual toasts partaken of, and when the usual toasts had been honored, Mr. and Mrs. Wallis left for Ravenswood, the bride traveling in a smart gown of grey marquisette, with suggestions of palest pink, and hat en suite.


WALMSLEY - SHARPE    1964    

West Walmsley married Meryl Joy Sharpe in 1964.




WEEDON - RAY  June 2nd 1926   

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Bruce Rock, was the scene of a pretty wedding on the afternoon of June 2, when the Rev. P. J. Nicholls officiated at the marriage of William J. Weedon, of Barton's Mill, Pickering Brook, son of Mr. Henry and the late Mrs. Weedon, and Miss Myrtle Ray, of South Kuminin, daughter of Mrs. J. W. and the late Mr. Ray. The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her eldest brother, Mr. Jack Ray, was exquisitely gowned in pure panne velvet, trimmed with fur. She wore the usual wreath and veil and carried a shower bouquet of white blooms. Miss Valma Ray, sister of the bride, and Miss Hilary Riley, of Mt. Lawley, were maids of honor, and both wore frocks of bois de rose panne velvet and black hats. Mr. Harry Ray, brother of the bride, carried out the duties of best man and Mr. W. H. Hood presided at the organ. At the close of the ceremony, a wedding tea was held at the State Hotel, Mrs. Ray receiving her guests in a handsome gown of navy crepe de chine, trimmed with beaded oyster georgette with hat en suite. During the evening Mr. and Mrs. Weedon left for Perth, the bride traveling in a smartly tailored suit of navy serge trimmed with Oriental collars and hat to match. They will make their home at Barton's Mill, Pickering Brook.



WELLER - FELTS    September 11th 1943

On September 11th, at the Methodist Church, Maylands, by Rev. Harry Moore, Cyril Albert (AIF), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Weller, of Busselton, to Florence Evelyn, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Felts, of Karragullen.



WESTON - HEWISON   November 23rd 1918

On November 23rd, at Canning Mill Schoolroom, at 4.30 p.m. by Rev. Father O'Gorman, of Guildford, married Gregory Phillip Weston, third son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Weston, of Springdale, Pickering Brook, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hewison of Pickering Brook Post Office.



WESTON - READING   January 1930   

The wedding of Miss May Reading, eldest daughter of Mrs. M. Reading and grand-niece of the late Lord Forrest, with Mr. Louis N. Weston, of the Forestry Department, was celebrated in St. Mary's Anglican Church recently. Mr. and Mrs. Weston will reside at Ludlow.



WHITE - GUMMERSON    March 2nd 1929  

The wedding of William Joseph, second son of Thomas and Annie White of Manchester, England to Beatrice May Gummerson, eldest daughter of John and Eliza Gummerson of Wigan, Lancashire, England was celebrated at St. Georges Cathedral, Perth on the 2nd March. They were attended by Will and Annie Henvillle. The couple will live at Barton's Mill.



WILLIAMS - GARLAND  December 31st 1949 

Malcolm A. Williams, of 22 Seventh Avenue, Maylands married Laurel M. Garland, of Carmel on 31st December 1949 in Wesley Church, Perth.


WILSON - OWSTON   March 2nd 1893       NEW FEBRUARY 2018

On 2nd March at St. John's Church,Fremantle by the Rev. Canon Watkins. Peter John Wilson, second son of Peter John Wilson, Solicitor, of Melbourne, to Sarah, widow of the late W. Owston, of Fremantle, and third daughter of Benjamin Mason of Canning.



Albert Donald Winstanley married Elizabeth Ann Fretwell in 1960.


WONG - DORPH-PETERSEN    September 6th 1947

On September 6th, at Methodist Church, Crookwell, N.S.W., Jessie Louise, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs E. Dorph-Petersen, of Pickering Brook, to Thomas K. Wong, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wong, of Crockwell, N.S.W.




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